In loving memory of Otello, 08.06.2008 to 16.03.2016

This story of life starts with the death of my best friend through almost eight years, my german shepard Otello.

Two years ago he tore his ACL and went through surgery even though his odds were small for full recovery. The operation went well, but his joint had taken so much damage that it was propably only a question of time until the injury would start affecting him. In retrospect I’m not sure if I would do this operation again unless the dog is guarantied a full recovery. The next few months was hard on us both. Me, for having to watch my friend in pain day after day and Otello for having to live through it not knowing why he had to suffer. What did amaze me though was his constant positive spirit, never giving up. I think the best thing about the whole experience is how we bonded in a way I couldn’t think possible and should define the next two years together.

His injury never fully recovered. Even though he never complained, or gave a direct signal that he was in pain, it was obvious that something was wrong. Lately the trips was getting shorter every day and other injuries started to occure, probably because of the exstra load trying to take the weight of the injuried foot. Still he stayed positive and was happy just to be with me. I guess his always positive attitude and love for me is what made the decision to end his life so much harder and more difficult to deal with later on. On wednesday the 16. of march I realized this couldn’t go on anymore and a very difficult phone call was made to the veterinarian, late in the evening, asking if he could meet me at his office to end my best friends life. Twenty minutes later it was all over. The first 10 minutes I was relieved it was finally over and his pain was gone, then the black cloud of doubt crashed in hard and I started wondering if my decision was the right one. It’s not easy to make such a decision for someone who can’t defend themself, and when it’s done you can only hope it was the right one. There is NO do over! Thank you my friend, I will allways love you and remember you!

I made this blog to remember my friend Otello, but this story goes on with my new dog Garm(from norse mythology). He is also a german shepard and is barely three weeks old(born 29.02.2016). Because of his young age I haven’t been able to pick him up yet and have to wait for another four weeks to bring him home.

In this blog I will try to share the growth and life of Garm from birth to his death(may he live forever), and share my experiences with you. Hopefully you will also share some of yours with me.

To a new, better day!

6 thoughts on “In loving memory of Otello, 08.06.2008 to 16.03.2016

  1. I know how much it hurts…
    And just about 3 years ago we had to say goodbye to our dog. He was our “first baby” and followed us to Australia when we moved as a family of 3 human beings. He got very ill suddenly and we decided to have the surgery recommended. In hindsight: would never do it again… He never recovered and the weeks after he simply felt awful… He took the decision from us when one night, after we brought him back to the vet because he was miserable, his heart just stopped. He had enough… We all still miss him. He was such a big part of the family. Our dogs fill our hearts but there’s this little corner that is empty and will always be his.

  2. Otello’s story broke my heart a little bit more with each line that I read. Your writing and photographs are a lovely tribute to him. He was so beautiful!

  3. I’m so sorry about your loss, Tommy. What a beautiful tribute to your beloved friend. It moves me deeply to read your words and see the fine photos. I have had several dogs in my life and many German Shepherds, unfortunately they never get very old like other breeds.
    All the best for the new beginning with Garm. ❤

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