Life is getting better!

Because of Otello’s injury I spent the last two years mostly close to home. I would gladly do it all over again, but being able to hike around the mountains fishing and photographing is something I have missed.


Garm is still young and I can’t push him to hard but every trip gets a little longer and more challenging. This summer has been a wonderful mix between warm, _DSC0420sunny days and heavy rain. A german shepard easily gets overheated, and we (by we I mean him) have spent a lot of time playing in the water.

Spending a lot of time in the water increases the chance of getting water eczema so I constantly have to check his skin for any symptoms. So far so good.

He is not to fond of swimming but loves running around in shallow water playing like crazy. To get him on deeper water I have to risk some of his most loved toys hoping he will rescue them before _DSC0433they drift too far away. As you can see from the picture he takes his time evaluating the situation thoroughly before deciding if the toy is worth the effort.




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